Pricing for skip bin hire in Melbourne

June 30, 2016
Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

How to get the best price for disposing your waste

The first question a customer asks us when calling is, how much do you charge for skip bin hire? Of course – what a great question!

We follow with:

All of these factors will determine our ultimate price for you.

The best way for you to work out how much rubbish you have got is to picture it laid out in a car park space. If you think your rubbish would fit in a neat pile in the average car park space then you can probably get away with a 4m3 skip bin. Our skip bins increase by 2m3, so consider your waste from this regard as well.

We have already provided our website readers with some information on waste types, and how you can save money through onsite recycling. But today I will try and help you understand the costs involved in skip bin hire so you can better assess the full costs of your project, perhaps without having to do the skip bin hire ring-around.

Our costs to dispose of your rubbish is charged by the weight. To be precise, we are charged $130 per tonne at the tip site. To give you some perspective, a wheelbarrow of soil weighs 150kg which is equivalent to 0.15 tonne. If you were digging up soil in the average backyard, you would need to do at least 10 trips with the wheelbarrow. So you are now up to 1.15 tonne at $190.

A wheelbarrow of soil weighs 150kg. Our skip bin costs are based on weight.

Soil is heavy and our skip bin prices take into account weight.

We have provided a comparison on disposing your own rubbish versus using a skip bin. When you start to do the sums, you can quickly see how skip bin hire is an economical option when it comes to getting rid of your rubbish.

You are always welcome to email us at if you want some assistance in assessing the amount of waste you have. We often get customers to send us photos of their rubbish to help with the guestimate.

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