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Looking at hiring a skip bin?

So, that must mean a large-scale clean up is on the cards, or a renovation is about to start. Either way, these are exciting times!

We understand that factor in the prices of hiring a skip bin into your project can be a bit overwhelming. We all know that paying for rubbish removal can be the least favourite part of any project. But we can assure you that our skip bin prices have been finessed to ensure they are extremely competitive when considering the cost of transporting the waste yourself.

We have provide you with a snapshot of our full skip bin size range. We have also provide you with the skip bin dimensions of each, to assist you in working our which skip bin to get when you are ready to hire a bin.

We encourage you to check out our post “5 Things to Decide When Order a Skip Bin” as this will give you some pointers in relation to working out the right time and right place for your skip bin hire.