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Skip Bin Hiring Terms and Conditions

Skip Bin Pricing

Skip bin prices are given at time of booking for the waste as described. Prices may increase if waste is found in the skip bin that has not been agreed to. Prices quoted include GST, merchant fees, and transport costs.

Hiring Period

The usual hiring period is for 3-4 days. Any extension on this period must be agreed to upon booking. Big Bin Hire has the right to collect any skip bin after the 5th day of the hire period. Trade accounts customers can arrange extended hiring periods.

Payment of skip bin

Payment of all skip bins is required on the day of booking or on delivery (where the customer has requested to pay by cash).

Where agreed to in writing, BIG BIN HIRE may choose to offer credit terms to a customer. All such customers are required to complete a credit card authorisation form and provide current and valid credit card details.

BIG BIN HIRE offers maximum 30-day terms. BIG BIN HIRE will charge the authorised credit card on the 30th day of the hiring period.

If is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that the funds are available at the time of the transaction. If a credit card is declined, the hirer must ensure an alternative payment method is available on the same day to avoid interest being charged as well as a $10 administration fee.

Should an account be overdue, BIG BIN HIRE will automatically add a 5% interest on total outstanding charges and will be applied on a weekly basis until the account is paid in full.

Delivery and Pick up Times

BIG BIN HIRE will do its best to meet the timing constraints of the skip bin delivery and pick up. BIG BIN HIRE cannot be held responsible for delays in these times.

Use of Skip Bin

All customers must adhere to the terms of use of the bin as agreed upon booking and as described on the skip bin. BIG BIN HIRE will not remove overfull skip bins or bins containing hazardous or contaminated waste. By not adhering to our terms of use, the customer is at risk of having the skip bin emptied on their premise and being charged the full rate of the bin hire. BIG BIN HIRE is not responsible for loss of time due to delays in skip bin delivery or pick up, this includes but is not limited to labour hire charges.

Placement of Skip Bin

BIG BIN HIRE will place skip bins on the owner’s land or on Council land; which incurs the cost of a Council permit. BIG BIN HIRE will arrange the Council permit on the customer’s behalf and add the permit fee to the total cost of the skip bin hire. Under no circumstances will BIG BIN HIRE place a skip bin in a location that is against Council or VicRoads guidelines. The final decision regarding placement of the skip bin lies with BIG BIN HIRE and will be made with consideration given the road and pedestrian safety and local law guidelines.

Cancellations and Refunds

BIG BIN HIRE requires 24-hour’s notice for skip bin cancellations. If the skip bin is cancelled after delivery, the full hire rate will apply. BIG BIN HIRE will arrange a full refund of any skip bin paid in advance if appropriate cancellation is provided. BIG BIN HIRE does not offer refunds for partially filled bins.

Termination of Account

Prior to termination of an account, BIG BIN HIRE requires all outstanding amounts to be paid.  BIG BIN HIRE requires minimum 7-days’ notice to enable all bills to be settled in full. BIG BIN HIRE has the right to terminate an account without notice if the hirer is in breach of any account terms and conditions. BIG BIN HIRE has the right to terminate an account with 7-days’ notice.

 Damage to Skip Bins

Moving of skip bins using forklifts, bobcats or any other equipment once delivered is prohibited.

The Hirer is responsible for any damage that occurs to BIG BIN HIRE skip bins will on the hirer’s property.