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Hiring options & skip bin use

We have various skip bin sizes available

  • All of our skip bins have wheels to help prevent damage to the surfaces on which they are delivered
  • If you are concerned about damage to your driveway surface we recommend the placement of wooden planks on the ground before delivery of your bin
  • Skip bins may be hired for a maximum of 3 days
  • Free bin supply may be available on request for large quantities of scrap metal

We DO NOT accept any of the following items in our bins:

  • No liquids
  • No hazardous waste
  • No asbestos
  • No full paint tins

Skip Bin Sizes

4 cubic meters

  • 4.4 meters long
  • 1.8 meters wide
  • 0.6 meters high
Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

6 cubic meters

  • 4.5 meters long
  • 2.4 meters wide
  • 0.66 meters high

8 cubic meters

  • 4.0 meters long
  • 1.85 meters wide
  • 1.0 meters high

10 cubic meters

  • 4.8 meters long
  • 2.5 meters wide
  • 1.0 meters high

12 cubic meters

  • 4.6 meters long
  • 2.2 meters wide
  • 1.35 meters high

16 cubic meters

  • 6.00 meters long
  • 2.0 meters wide
  • 1.3 meters high

20 cubic meters

  • 6.40 meters long
  • 2.5 meters wide
  • 1.5 meters high

25 cubic meters

  • 6.92 meters long
  • 2.5 meters wide
  • 2.037 meters high

Delivering skip bins across Melbourne

Our skip bin sizes range from 4-20m3. Before you we can advise on pricing for your skip bin hire, we will need to ask what you are putting in your skip bin.

Please have a look at the below guide for a better understanding on our weight and waste type restrictions.

Our skip bin weight restrictions are determined by Victorian heavy vehicle road laws. According Vic Roads Gross Vehicle Mass and the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator we must restrict the weight we carry in accordance with these guidelines.

We are very strict about these guidelines and take road and workplace safety seriously.

Waste and Skip Bin Size Restrictions

Mixed Heavy Builder’s Waste Mixed Light Builder’s Waste 100% Concrete, Bricks or Soil 100% Green Waste 100% Household, Factory, Office Cleanup
This includes a mix of timber, metal, plastic, soil, bricks etc This includes light building materials excluding concrete, bricks and soil No mixing of waste. Please advise if you have 100% cleanfill. This includes a mix of timber, metal, plastic, soil, bricks etc This includes a mix of furniture, toys, cardboard, plastic etc
4m3 and 6m3 skip bins only 4-20m3 bins available 4m3 and 6m3 skip bins only 4-20m3 bins available. NO soil or tree stumps 4-20m3 bins available.

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