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Can you fit your skip bin in your driveway?

If your skip bin on hire can fit comfortablly in your driveway or on your property – for example front lawn or back yard, then you are likely able to avoid the cost of a council permit.

If however:

  • your property has a narrow driveway,

  • no driveway or a driveway restricted by overhanging branches,

  • overhad powerlines or telephone lines; then it is likely your need a council permit.

Be sure to check the dimensions of ours skip bins and also be sure to measure your driveway to determine if the skip bin will fit.

Big Bin Hire will take care of the council permit application for you because – as a skip bin company – we maitain the required public liability insurance required for placing bulk cotainers and skips on council land. Further, we retain the authorisation with the various Melbourne councils who approve the pleacement of skip bins.

What do council permits cost?

Council permit fees vary across Melbourne.

Council permits are available between 1-7 days, but the duration is also council-specific. Below are the rouch costs of each council permit based on the local counil area:

Boorandoora $85
Brimbank $55
Glen Eira $75
Hobsons Bay $70
Hume $55
Maribyrnong $60

Melbourne City Council $50
Maroondah $55
Moonee Valley $75
Moreland $40
Port Phillip $50
Stonnington $70
Wyndham $105
Yarra $50

If you unsure if you need a council permit, call our team on 1300 224 473 to discuss your requirements.

Rememer! If you are unsure about the location of your skip bin, check with Big Bin Hire first. We always err on the side of caution so no damage is done to your property, council property or our vehicles.