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Tips on hiring a skip bin

Get some advice from expert skip bin provider – Big Bin Hire

There’s rubbish piling up at your office or home and you need to make some space! And now with so many people self-isolating or working from home, it is the perfect time to declutter!

Sounds like it’s time to order a skip bin!

Normally ordering a skip bin is a simple process – with Big Bin Hire, you can call, text or email and within minutes we can place your order, work out delivery and pick up dates and give you the best possible price.

But we can also offer some tips to help with skip booking process – deciding the when, where and how’s are pretty important to ensure you don’t over pay, cause delays and miscalculate the size of the skip bin you order.

These tips will help you booking with any skip bin provider.

1. Find the best time in your calendar to have the skip bin delivered

Yes, this might sound obvious – but 90% of the time, when there are delays in picking skip bins up – it is due to the customer not being entirely ready to have the skip bin delivered in the first place, or there have been delays with loading.

It is a good idea to discuss the project with your team or trades or other family members. Get all hands on deck to assist with the loading of the skip bin. This will ensure that the skip bin is only on site for the shortest possible time, taking up less space and ensuring the rubbish pile is gone ASAP.

While Big Bin Hire works hard to negotiate the best hiring terms for all customers, our average hiring period is 4 days. When the period stretches beyond this period a daily charge may apply. Please talk to us about what is involved with our hiring period.

If your skip bin is being delivered to site in a busy street, in the city or a chaotic shopping area, there will be an ideal window of delivery to deliver and pick up the skip bin. Avoiding peak traffic makes the unloading and loading of the skip bin much easier.

2. Make sure you order the right size skip bin for your job

We always tell first-time skip bin hirers to visualise their rubbish pile. Even measure the space it will take up. If you are starting to overflow the dimensions of our skip bin then you need to consider a larger size. Check out our skip bin sizes page for a guide on our skip bin sizes.

Many of our customers need to order ‘change overs’ of their skip bins because they underestimated the required size.

This will be more costly than initially ordering a larger sized skip bin in the first place.

3. Where are placing the skip bin?

Ideally you should plan to place the skip bin in your driveway or on your land. We know that sometimes there is no room for this, or the skip bin might be blocking access; however placing the skip bin on council land will incur extra charges (council permit frees range from $65-140).

The other issue with placing your skip bin on council land is you will be limited to how many days you can have access the bin (anywhere from 3-14 days). And the longer the bin is on the road, the more expensive the permit is going to be.

Placing the skip bin on your land will also deter others from accessing the skip bin (ie neighbors).

4. Can you do any on-site recycling?

Everyone is aware of the growing ‘war-on-waste’ and more and more people are becoming concerned with the rise in landfill. So are we. We do our very best to divert waste from landfill by doing as much recycling of the waste receive at our various yards.

As a customer, you too can give consideration to what you are placing in the bin. Rather than dumping everything in the bin together, see whether you can separate any of the waste into recyclable elements – especially concrete, brick, timber, cardboard, plastic etc. You will pay more for a skip bin that has a mixed load (particularly if including building and landscaping waste).

We would always encourage any useful items such as good quality furniture or household items to be donated first rather than thrown out.

5.Make sure you comply with the guidelines on the skip bin

There are rules for each skip bin. They are in place for various reasons, most importantly, safety.

There is no point ignoring the rules and doing the wrong thing. This will result in wasted time, possible disagreement and extra charges.

Always follow the rules and guidelines on what can go in the skip bin and how much you can fill the skip bin (always to water level).

Please consider the safety of our drivers and road users who will be on the road when you skip bin is being transported back to our yards.

For help in ordering a skip bin or to ask any more questions, our friendly staff are always waiting for your call.

1300 224 473 or email contact@bigbinhire.com.au