6 Things You Must Spring Clean This Year

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Spring has sprung; which means it is possibly time for a big household spring clean.

How do you know if you are spring-clean-ready? Have a go at answering the following question:

Do you wince every time…
• You open your closet that’s more jam-packed than rush-hour traffic, with items you never use;
• You have to pull out your silver cookware set that’s duller than dullest marriages;
• A guest walks into your kitchen and her attention falls upon granite stains on your freshly-installed countertops?

Keeping everything spick and span at home is never easy, especially if you also work full-time or have kids or pets.
But do you know there are several things which only require cleaning once in a while? Like your closet, silver, or kitchen cabinets.
Moreover, you can clean most of these things fairly quickly. That’s why there’s no reason why you shouldn’t include them in your spring clean to-do list this year.

Here are 6 items you must deep clean this spring and how to tackle them like a pro.

Your Windows
When you spring clean your home, don’t just clean the windows from inside. Remove the smudges and spots on the outer pane as well. Pick a cloudy day to wash them so that the cleanser won’t dry because of sun till you are through with wiping.
Your Cabinets
With time, buildup usually accumulates on the kitchen cabinets, particularly if you often forget to use the exhaust hood when you cook. Use a quality “cabinet cream” to remove all the dirt settled on the cabinets.
Your Stainless Steel
There’s hardly any point in keeping stainless steel if it’s lackluster and unclean, isn’t so? To bring the sparkle and shine back to your stainless steel, clean them once in two weeks with a wax-based aerosol spray. However, ensure you don’t overdo it, because too much of it can begrime the surface.
Your Countertops
To keep granite stains at bay, the first step is to get it sealed immediately after installation. You may ask how I can be sure that it’s properly sealed.
The most obvious sign is water beading and forming droplets on your countertop’s surface. You will have to get it sealed once more after 12 months. After which, just remember to wipe up any accidental spill immediately.
Your Refrigerator
You must work on both the inside and the outside. Take out each shelf and then wash them using soapy water. Next take a sponge and clean the surfaces which cannot be removed on the inside. Finally put the shelves back.
Your Closet
Cleaning closet is hardly ever a quick job? However, the good part is that after a thorough clean if you stay a little disciplined, you won’t have to clean it again for a while.
When cleaning the closet, it might be a good idea to separate items that you don’t need any more or haven’t used in a long time from regular stuff. You can give these items to a charity or sell them online to declutter your closet.
These cleaning tasks won’t result in a lot of waste. However, if you are cleaning your whole house, including the garden and the backyard, and have a large family, you might gather a lot waste by the end of your spring cleaning drive. If so, you can hire skip bin from a reputable company, such as ours, for effective rubbish removal.