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Do you need to hire a skip bin and have no idea what one will cost? 

Skip bin hire pricing in Melbourne is highly competitive.

There are plenty of skip bin hire companies to choose from – and that is a great thing for the customer!

If you have never hired a skip bin before, pricing can be confusing – and we understand – that it can seem expensive. Skip bin pricing will generally including – delivery and pick up of the skip bin, waste disposal, labour and EPA levies that are set by the Government.

A lot of companies have pricing displayed on their website for the various types of skip bins they hire. We however, prefer to provide in instant quote via email or text to customers with a breakdown of the pricing.

Over the years of being in this business, we have found that at least 70% of our customers want to discuss their skip bin and waste requirements first, before receiving a price.

Customers who have never hired a skip bin before and do not understand what can and can’t go in the bin. The first questions we ask customers want to get a skip bin quote is:

  • What suburb are your needing the skip bin for?
  • What sort of waste is going into the skip bin?
  • What size skip bin do you need?


After we know the answers to these questions – we are able to give an accurate price.

Our skip bin prices ALWAYS include:

  • Delivery
  • Pick up; and
  • GST

Our skip bin prices DO NOT include:

  • Council permit charges if the skip bin is going on the road or naturestrip
  • Waste types that were not discussed at the beginning
  • Over full bins
  • Hazardous waste, or any other waste that we can not transport

So in general, the cost to hire a skip bin in Melbourne will vary depending on your type of waste and the size of bin you are after, as well as where you are locate.

At Big Bin Hire, we do take pride in trying to help customers save on the skip bins they or either in terms of volume, or through their recycling efforts.

The REAL Cost of Skip Bin Hire

Pricing for skip bin hire in Melbourne can vary a lot! We recommend you ring a few companies before booking your skip bin to also get a feel for the customer service you receive.

While you have an initial outlay of the skip bin hire itself, the real cost is ensuring the skip bin hire suits your plans in terms of pick and delivery.

We have heard many stories about delays in skip bin pick ups – from days to weeks late. We have also heard stories of skip bins being ordered and never turning up!

In this business, we understand sometimes things happen, such as truck breakdowns and delays in traffic – however, it is important you feel comfortable the service levels you expect are met each time you hire a skip bin. The real cost of skip bin hire includes the service you receive and that the experience you receive is as efficient as possible.

If you are looking to hire a skip bin in the future, please give our office a call. We are very happy to discuss all things pricing and help you work out the best way to save on your skip bin hire.


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