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March 23, 2017
Skip Bin Hire Melbourne

Save time and money: Consider large skip hire for your next job

Over the years of being in the skip bin hire business we have been very pleased to see the most growth in large skip hire.  And as our company name would suggest, big bins are our business!

We currently offer 20m3 and 25m3 walk in skip bins and generally every week these skip bins are booked out; undoubtedly the larger skip bins have exceedingly become the most popular.

These bin sizes are very popular with customers who are doing demolition work (when disposing of light building materials), factory and office clean ups, deceased estate clean ups, shopfitter defits and so on. People who are emptying an entire house will hire one or often two, 20m3 skip bins to remove a lifetime of household items.

These large bins have ample size and offer up to 8 tonnes of weight.

For customers who have large, ongoing jobs, the large bins are ideal for cost saving. Using multiple smaller skip bins can become expensive when you factor delivery and pick up times for each bin. Larger skips will require less change overs and allow you to get the job done quicker.

Getting a Quote for a Large Skip Bin

If you have decided that your project would suit one or more large skip bins, it would be best to talk to our team about your project and consider large skip hire.

You need to factor in:

  1. Site dimensions (keeping in mind that a large skip bin (20m3) is 6.5m long (roughly the size of a large shipping container
  2. Do you need to lift or throw items over the side?

– While ALL of our skip bins are walk-in bins, the large bins are upwards of 1.2m high. If you are disposing of bulky items you will find it difficult to throw these over the top of the skip. You can easily walk into the skip bin from the end.

3.Is the skip bin going on the road?

Large skip bins are wider and may not fit into a small carpark space. We would always recommend, if possible, putting any of our skip bins on the site/property to avoid council permit fees and to make access for you and passing traffic easier. Most councils would require a 3m gap between the skip bin and the other lane/roads/cars so cars can safely pass.

Large Skip Hire is for Me

Once you have considered all of your project requirements, give our team and call and get a quote.

Our pricing depends on your waste type and location.

When you are getting a quote, also discuss the project duration with the team. While we do have hiring limits on all of our skip bins, we would be happy to offer a little bit of flexibility with our larger skips given they take longer to fill.

We always aim to meet your project time frames. If you give us advanced notice we can change over your skip bins first thing in the morning or last thing at night so your project can continue seamlessly.

Check out all of our skip bin sizes here.

Large skip hire

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