Skip Bin Prices and the New EPA Levy

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On 1 July 2021 the EPA introduced a huge hike to the waste levy which is a cost that all landfill sites will incur. As such all skip bin companies will be passing this levy on to customers when hiring skip bins.

On one hand, this new levy should be seen as a positive step for Victoria as it should boost our State’s recycling efforts and reduce our environmental impact. On the other hand the end consumer is the one who will be footing the bill for the price hike.

Big Bin Hire customers can be assured that we will do our best to keep our prices competitive and our service strong.

We always encourage customers to do as much on site recycling as possible. Concrete and brick should always be separated from builder’s waste and in particular – soil. The process of skip bin companies separating mixed waste is costly.

Talk to our office about how we can help keep your job costs low with separate skip bins.