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Whatever your waste management requirements – from household, to commercial Big Bin Hire will help find a skip bin hire to suit your needs.

Big Bin Hire specialises in hook lift skip bins – these skip bins are the “roll of, roll off” type of bins that slide off the rear of the truck and in position.

Generally speaking, the truck will reverse the skip bin into place so the doors are facing your home/garage/ residence.

Speaking of doors – all of our skip bins have doors that can be opened for accessing the skip via a wheelbarrow or forklift.

What Skip to Hire in Melbourne?

To answer this question if will depend on the job you are doing. There are weight limitations with all skip bins and there are variations in skip bin prices for mixed waste. Essentially the prices provided for your skip bin hire will take into account the time and and effort required to sort your waste in addition to the volume of waste you have.

Commercial Waste

Whether you are running a small business or a large company, we service customers with skip bin hire in Melbourne on a daily basis. We deliver all skip bin sizes to commercial customers – however the 12m3 cubic, 15m3 cubic and 20m3 cubic skip bins are definitely the most economical and most popular.

Green Waste and Landscaping Waste

For light weight green waste we are able to offer skip bins as large as 20 cubic metres. The larger skip bin sizes are very popular for people or companies who are doing a strip of green waste or a a major clean up.

If you are handling soil, concrete or brick you will need to consider a 4m3, 6m3 – or for concrete/brick only – an 8m3 skip bin.

Household and Hard Waste

If it is a household up clean or, pre-sale clean or an overhaul before a renovation we can supply an of our skip bins from 4-20m3 skip hire.

The size you can order will depend on the space you have available. Ideally we would place the skip bin on your property – either driveway or front lawn. If a council permit is required we will arrange this for you at cost.

Our customer service support team is always available to answer any of your queries about skip bin hire and will aim to make the process seamless for you.


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