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This is the first question our skip bin customers want answered; ‘what does your skip bin hire cost?’. But of course, the skip bin cost depends on what is going in the skip bin. We will try and help you understand how we come up with our skip bin hire costs.

As you may have read on our various pages and posts, Big Bin Hire can help you save money with skip bin hire if you are able to sort your waste more selectively. Sometimes it may also be advisable to order a bigger or smaller skip bin than you had planned. We will always help you to order the most suitable skip bin to suit your project.

Skip Bin Hire Cost – some more detail

Out prices for skip bin hire are determined by the following factors:

  • Travel time to and from your location – Big Bin Hire is based in the western suburbs but we also service most Melbourne suburbs within a 20km radius of the CBD. These days we need to factor Freeway Tolls into our skip bin hire pricing, as well as fuel and our driver’s wages.  like you, our driver’s need and deserve an appropriate salary and Big Bin Hire aims to reward its staff for their good efforts (after all, we at Big Bin Hire are quite proud of our excellent customer service which includes our drivers).
  • The waste type you are disposing  – soil mixed with builder’s waste is the most expensive waste type for us to dispose of. Recycling this waste is hard and the landfill/tip sites are less inclined to take this waste as it considered it contaminated.
  • Labour to recycle your waste – when we pick up your skip bin, we bring it back to our transfer station. Here we recycle your skip bin waste as much as possible. We take your skip bin waste to various sites most of which have a recycling facility (eg green waste, timber, steel, paper, plastic, bricks and concrete).
  • EPA levies – we pay a levy at the tip and transfer stations. According to the EPA “One of the key purposes of the landfill levy is to provide additional and ongoing funding to support efforts by government, industry and the community to reduce waste.”
  • Tip and Transfer Station Costs – Naturally, the cost to dispose of rubbish has gone up over the years. This cost as well as the EPA levies and incentives encourages us to recycle your waste as much as possible. We aim for a minimum of 70% recycling in our business.

We factor the above into our prices to determine the most cost effective price for skip bin hire to you and all our customers.

Contaminated soil is heavy and costly to dispose of and will increase your skip bin hire costs.

Contaminated soil is heavy and costly to dispose of and will increase your skip bin hire costs.

100% Green waste incurs cheaper skip bin hire costs.

100% Green waste incurs cheaper skip bin hire costs.

Skip Bin Hire Cost – the numbers

  • Big Bin Hire has 7 different skip bin sizes
  • The skip bin sizes range from 4-20m3
  • The cheapest skip bin hire is for 100% waste types – green waste, concrete, bricks, steal, timber, household waste
  • Our skip bin hire prices start from $300

The best thing to do is call Big Bin Hire for a competitive quote on skip bin hire. We will quickly run through our options regarding skip bin size and waste types and give you an instant quote. We know our skip bin prices are competitive.

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