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Skip bin hire for Building siteSkip Bin Hire: Building Sites

Choosing between skip bin companies is important. Not all skip bin hire companies are in a position to the meet the demands of a fast-moving construction site. And not all skip bin companies will have a full range of skip bin sizes to ensure that all waste types can be collected throughout the life of the construction job.

Skip bin hire for building sites is an important component for any construction job. Most builders will be seeking a skip bin provider that is reliable and trustworthy.

A Big Bin Hire we love providing our skip bins to builders and thrive on making the builder’s job as simple as possible when it comes to waste management.

When booking a skip bin with Big Bin Hire, we will discuss everything with you from site access, to timelines (ie what is the earliest and latest we can access the job during the day to pick up, deliver and change skip bins over). We will offer suggestions on how savings can be made on the job site if space is available and recycling can be done.

We have a strong track record with supplying skip bin hire to construction and building sites across Melbourne. Builder’s love working with our drivers and our reliable office staff who ensure the tax invoice process for each skip bin hired is headache-free.

Varying the load throughout the build

Throughout the life of a construction project, our builders will usually have a combination of skip bins on site. The size will usually depend on the waste being disposed of with the heavy materials (concrete, brick and soil) being reserved for 4 and 6m3 skip bins. We utilize anything from an 8-25m3 skip bin for light materials and regularly turn over 1 large bin a day on busy building sites.

If you have a new build coming up and would like a free quote, site inspection or some ball-park pricing on skip bin hire, please give us a call.

Feel free to browse our skip bin hire size guide for more information.