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More Australian homeowners are renovating their homes than ever before.

According to the latest available data, 62 percent of homeowners in Australia did some home renovation last year, compared to 57 percent three years before.

Among other things, homeowners frequently opted for kitchen renovation. If you are planning to give your kitchen a facelift too, you might want to check out the latest kitchen trends.

In this post, we bring to you 4 top kitchen trends, as well as a few other renovation tips.

So, let’s dig in!

Top Kitchen Trends 2017

Many smart kitchen designs have appeared on the scene, the four most popular ones being:

  1. Integrated workstations and appliances

Want to create a natural sense of cohesion and flow in your kitchen?

If yes, you need to redesign the kitchen in a way that allows seamless integration of workstations and appliances.

You must ensure kitchen appliances like microwaves and fridges don’t overshadow the aesthetics because this will make your kitchen look cluttered.

When choosing appliances, pick ones specifically designed for integration. Don’t consider plastic integration kits because they don’t last long as and can put substantial stress on joinery hinges which may create additional costs and repairs.

And consider storage options within all your workstations. If space is available, and unutilised, slot in a cupboard and drawer to maximise your space.

  1. Pared-back palette

When you redesign your kitchen, it’s important to make sure it gels perfectly with the interior design and style of the home. This is something you can achieve effortlessly using a pared-back colour palette.

You might also want to consider open shelving, allowing you to reflect your true personal style through home wares and objects included in the kitchen.

  1. Use kitchen space more intelligently

For a workable kitchen design, it’s important that you carefully consider placement of kitchen appliances, ergonomic efficiency, storage capacity, and lighting.

Opt for a shelving system that allows maximum storage space. If your kitchen is tight, opting for a shelving system that offers functional display storage can be a great strategy.

  1. Use floral arrangements

Want to give your kitchen a pleasant organic touch? Using plants and leafy greens as decoration is certainly on trend. Designers are adding colour through the use of plants, flower arrangements and fruit and vegetable arrangements more than ever. Sometimes less is more, so start with a small green touch to add life to your kitchen while ensuring your workspace is not compromised.

What else is on- trend in Australian homes?

  • Relaxed furniture is in, from extra deep sofas to wool rugs, floor cushions, and day beds.
  • Using a roof covering and decorative windows and doors to add a cosy enclosed outdoor patio space.
  • Retractable shades that can be opened or closed using a remote.
  • Airy environments and illusion of more open space with help of large windows and high vaulted ceilings.
  • Adding a dash of greenery by installing indoor plants in bedrooms, living areas, and bathrooms.

Before you start a home renovation project, plan in advance how you will take care of waste that might accumulate. You might have to hire a skip bin for effective rubbish removal, especially if you are investing in a full-blown home renovation project.