Is there such thing as cheap skip bin hire?

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As a family run skip bin hire business, we love nothing more than to to offer cheap – in fact – the cheapest skip bin hire to every customer!

And while we know our skip bin hire prices are economical and comparative, like in most industries, there will always be cheaper options!

Every business is feeling the pinch in these uncertain economic times, and the waste industry has been hit very hard with escalating costs. We are suffering from rising, erratic fuel costs and keeping up with increased wage costs. And last year the industry was forced to factor in a very large increase in the EPA levy which has affected our pricing across the board.

That aside, we are constantly reviewing our skip bin pricing to ensure our customers can source a skip bin from us for the lowest price based on their waste type.

Our customer base includes over 10 years of regular, loyal customers. Our customers regularly tell us why they will not go to another company and these reasons include:

  • Reliable service with on-time delivery and pick up requirements always met
  • Friendly team with exceptional communication to ensure all jobs, when booked in, are guaranteed and the customer does not need to worry about their job
  • Reasonable pricing and value for money
  • Options for onsite recycling are available to reduce costs.

And we get that a lot of customers are 100% driven by price alone and will always choose the cheapest options regardless of the service provided. So when these potential customers ring us, we always encourage them to ring around other companies too, while asking a few questions such as:

  • Are there any excess weight charges?
  • Do you charge extra for a few extra days?
  • Does the price include GST?
  • Can I pay on invoice or with card or is it cash only?
  • Will you pick the bin up when I need it gone or when it suits you?

If you can get great answers to all of the above questions and still find the service levels that we offer – then the answer to the question; is there such thing as cheap skip bin hire is a resounding yes!

If you would like to talk to us about our service and pricing, call 0401 834 848 or email