Is it more expensive than ever to hire a skip bin?

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The recycling industry has been impacted by ‘the cost of living crisis’ just like all of industries and our operational costs have therefore been impacted.

That being said, Big Bin Hire has not increased our skip bin hire costs since the before the pandemic, as it is important for us to offer the most affordable service possible.

It is important to understand some of the cost implications on our businesses so you feel informed about where your money is going.

It’s essential to note that recycling costs can vary by region and depend on local market conditions, waste management practices, and government policies. While recycling costs may have increased in some areas, efforts to improve recycling infrastructure, increase public awareness, and promote sustainable waste management practices can help mitigate these challenges and support a more circular economy.

Several factors can influence recycling costs:

  1. Contamination: High levels of contamination in recycling streams can increase processing costs. Contamination occurs when non-recyclable materials are mixed with recyclables, requiring additional sorting and processing efforts.
  2. Market Demand: Fluctuations in market demand for recycled materials can impact recycling costs. Changes in global market conditions, such as shifts in commodity prices or changes in international trade policies, can affect the value of recycled materials.
  3. Infrastructure Investments: Upgrading or expanding recycling infrastructure, such as materials recovery facilities (MRFs) or recycling collection systems, can require significant investments, which may affect recycling costs.
  4. Regulatory Changes: Changes in recycling regulations or policies, such as extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs or landfill bans on recyclable materials, can influence recycling costs for businesses and municipalities.
  5. Transportation and Logistics: Transportation costs, including fuel prices and logistics expenses, can impact the overall cost of recycling operations, particularly for materials that need to be transported long distances for processing or markets.

Arguably the biggest impact on Big Bin Hire has been the labour cost. We are paying our drivers more than ever since starting this business 10 years ago. And the on-costs associated with keeping staff employed and managing reliable equipment has definitely eaten into our profits.

EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) levies

EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) levies in Australia levies can vary depending on the state or territory in Australia, as each jurisdiction may have its own regulations and fee structures.

These levies are often subject to change based on factors such as environmental policies, budgetary considerations, and the cost of regulatory enforcement.

To find the most up-to-date information on EPA levies in Australia and any recent changes, I would recommend checking the official website of the relevant EPA authority in your state or territory. Additionally, government announcements or news sources covering environmental policies and regulations may provide insights into any recent changes in EPA levies.

Hiring a skip bin is not as straightforward as it used to be – there are so many factors now at play.

Big Bin Hire will always keep our customers top of mind when setting prices, and we hope all Australians feel some financial relief in the coming months.