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Tidying up the garden and need a green waste skip bin to hire? Let Big Bin Hire sort you out.

Green waste material can go in any of our skip bin sizes, from 4-20m3. It is really important that when you are thinking about your skip bin hire needs you consider all of the waste type going into the bin. Will it include only green waste (ie branches, leaves, shrubbery, cut grass)? Or will it include ground scrapings including soil and gravel? If you think you will be putting soil and gravel in the bin then this will be classified as landscaping material not green waste only.

Branches are classified as green waste of course, how any tree stumps may incur an additional charge and should be discussed with your skip bin hire company.

Green waste – if recycled properly – can be used to generate mulch and compost. The process of taking the green waste from your back yard to the transfer station, mulching and then returning as a bio-product is highly sustainable.

What is the cost of a green waste skip bin?

As always the cost to hire a green waste skip bin will depend on the size of the skip bin you are after? But the good news is, if you can keep your green waste clean excluding any other rubbish, the Big Bin Hire team will be able to offer you are really competitive price for your skip bin hire because the green waste will be easily recyclable.

Skip Bin Hire Size Options

Skip Bin SizesIndicative Price
All skip bin prices included GST, travel and tipping -these prices do not include any other waste type including but not limited to soil.

Let us help you with your next green waste skip bin hire. Did I mention we can offer same day delivery and extend skip hire on request.