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Every year Big Bin Hire sees an influx of skip bin hire enquiries during December. Naturally people we are all eager to do a big summer clean in time for Santa’s arrival.

Whether it is a household tidy, or cleaning up the remnants of a renovation; December seems to be the month for a clean up!

Like most skip bin companies, Big Bin Hire takes are break during the Christmas period. This year we will be closing our doors from December 21 through to 9 January.

In the past we have worked with our customers to assist them with hiring skip bins in the lead up to and over the Christmas period.

It is quite common for customers to want to hold on to a skip bin for the period that we are closed. And we are more than happy to accommodate this. We would always advise that if you are interested in having a skip bin during this the perfect placement for the skip bin is your driveway.

If the skip bin needs to go on Council land; a permit will be required. And due to the extended hire period of the bin, this will mean extended permit fees are required.

If you are wanting a skip bin in the lead up to our closure, please get in early, Like everyone, we find this time to particularly hectic and we do not want you to miss out.

When planning for your skip bin hire, we would love to have at least 24 hours notice. We can usually deliver your bin the next day if it is within 30km of Melbourne CBD.

Before you call for a skip bin quote, please have a look at our bin hire size options. This page will show you the dimensions of each skip and the waste type that can go in each.

When you are ready to book your skip bin please call us on 1300 22 44 73.