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October 13, 2016
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Consider HardieFlex for your Next Project

HardieFlex sheets are an amazing a weatherboard alternative and we road tested it with a local builder in what is our first product review for our customers.

We get to work with a lot of different builders in this game. It’s the best part of our job.

Good, quality builders like to work fast; save time and plan ahead. When we work with a builder we always keep this in mind so we can help there meet their needs as efficiently as possible.

We love talking to our builders (or any customer for that matter) and finding out what products they love to use in their projects. So we thought it would be fun to do some reviews on these products and share them with our customers.

After all, if our customers are not builders, chances are they are professional or amateur renovators.

We recently asked one of our regular builders about some of the latest products they are using in their house building and renovations.
One of the favoured products that is being sold all over Melbourne is the James Hardie – HardieFlex™ cement sheet. Used as external wall cladding, this sheet can be considered an alternative to the traditional weatherboard.

You will find this product being used in a lot of town house developments, and where timber weatherboard replacements are required.

Darren, a western suburbs based builder, recently completed a full double-story weatherboard replacement using the HardieFlexTM sheets.

Darren found this product to be:

• Much simpler to install than timber boards
• Cost effective – it really is on par with timber weatherboards and arguably you will have less wastage with this product
• More efficient due to less wastage when cutting the boards to size and less time spent on the install
• A great option for homes in coastal areas as the product – when installed correctly is resistant to – damage from termites, rot and fire

In terms of painting the planks, your painting time is going to be greatly reduced. The product is primed and is applying the paint is seamless.

Prospective customers are able to order this product from Bunnings and other hardware suppliers. If you go to the James Hardie website, you are able to plug your postcode in and find a local distributor.

*HardieFlex is a trade marked product of James Hardie. You can find more information about that product here

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